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is non-surgical hair restoration right for me?

slowing down hair loss

If you are in the early stages of hair loss, or are looking for an adjunctive solution to a hair transplant, Sierra Robotic Hair Institute can formulate a non-surgical treatment plan for you. As the leading hair loss clinic in Florida, we offer clinically proven non-invasive hair restoration options that are quick, easy, and highly effective. Schedule a consultation now with our board-certified surgeon to discuss how we can help regain your hair and confidence effortlessly and take years off your looks.

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what non-surgical options are available?

Our state-of-the-art hair restoration clinic has a variety of clinically proven non-surgical treatments to help retain your hair, slow down further loss, and facilitate thicker hair growth. These non-invasive methods have been increasingly favored for their minimal effects , ease of use, and adaptability to different hair loss conditions. It is essential to remember that the most suitable treatment for you depends on various personal factors, such as the type of hair loss, its causes, and your medical history. Dr. Sierra will be here to guide you along your treatment journey. Take a look at some of our top non-surgical hair restoration options

Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Low-Level-Light Therapy is a drug-free, FDA cleared, at home treatment for both men and women suffering from androgenetic allopecia.  LLLT works by wearing a flexible cap just a few minutes per day. The cap safely gives off energy via laser diodes to increase blood flow, which promotes hair growth and thicker, healthier hair.

Topical Solutions

Topical solutions are applied directly to the scalp.  Some examples are Minoxidil, biotin, and ketoconazole . Our highly experienced doctor can formulate a hybrid topical solution made specifically for you. Your prescription strength custom compound is personalized with your unique needs in mind, with varying dosages, strengths, active ingredients, and forms.  Achieve noticeable results within just a few months from a customized solution delivered right to your front door!

Oral Medications

Skip the pharmacy line and allow us to mail a prescription strength medication conveniently to your home. Dr Sierra can customize a once-daily regimen to meet your individual needs without unwanted side effects. Minoxidil is often used as an “off-label” drug that increases the hair growth anagen phase, promoting thicker hair follicles. Finasteride is an FDA-approved drug for hair loss that works by blocking the production of DHT to prevent further hair loss. Protect your existing hair and give it a growth boost with these proven-to-work oral medications.

Hair Growth Supplements

Deficiencies and stressors within our body can be a big factor for hair loss. Hair growth supplements such as Viviscal Pro and Nutrafol are 100% natural, 100% drug-free, and have been clinically tested for hair growth via a multi-targeted approach. 92% of patients∞ in one study saw thicker hair in just three months. Using hair growth supplements is a great option for patients who do not want to use medications or as an adjunct to other hair loss treatments such as a hair transplant, medication. ∞ Among 35 subjects; Self-assessment results; Bloch, L; J Dermat Cosmetol, 2017 Viviscal study

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a hassle-free treatment where dots of pigment are deposited into the scalp to mimic the natural appearance of hair follicles. SMP gives the illusion of fuller hair, covers scars, fills in widening parts and receding hairlines. It can even replicate the appearance of a closely shaven full head of hair on a completely bald head. Many people also choose a combination of both SMP and FUE hair transplant. A huge advantage of SMP is that the results are immediate and can be enjoyed for many years.

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Non-surgical hair restoration FAQs

Non-surgical hair restoration includes treatments like Minoxidil topical applications, Finasteride oral medications, and vitamin infusion therapies. These methods focus on stimulating hair growth and improving scalp health without surgery.

Minoxidil, initially developed for blood pressure management, is applied topically to stimulate hair follicles, promote hair regrowth, and slow down hair loss. It's widely used for treating pattern baldness.

Finasteride, an oral medication, works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT, a hormone that contributes to hair loss. It's particularly effective in treating male-pattern baldness.

Vitamin infusion therapy involves intravenous administration of vitamins and nutrients to improve hair growth and scalp health. It's beneficial for those with early signs of hair loss or specific dietary restrictions.


Non-surgical treatments generally have fewer side effects compared to surgical options. However, topical and oral treatments can have side effects, and it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

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