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At Sierra Robotic Hair Institute, we have listened carefully to our clients and realized our most valuable asset has consistently been word-of-mouth referrals, evident in our glowing online reviews. Why do our patients recommend us to others experiencing hair loss? We maintain transparency with no hidden costs or product purchase requirements and designed our patient experience to exceed your expectations for highly personalized attention and detail, to ensure the results you deserve.

Experience firsthand why we stand out as the premier choice for your hair transplant surgery. Our dedicated staff guarantees a stress-free, comfortable, and pleasant surgery day. But don’t solely take our word for it—explore our reviews and testimonials from numerous satisfied patients.


Dr Sierra, He is definitely worth the trip! I travel from the West Coast of Florida to the East Coast of Florida to get my transplant. This is not a rush job it was a very one on one session. We talked about what I wanted double check everything. This was a nice experience, you’re not a number instead you’re a value patient. He has an excellent front desk administrator name Shim kind, thorough, and follows up on everything. Margo was Dr. Sierra medical transplant technician assistant extremely well skilled and gentle touch.
The number one reasons I went there was his honesty and expertise. The transplant outfit where I live was telling me 2000 grafts. I had light diffused hair loss. I couldn’t believe you could fit that many. So, I called Dr. Sierra for a 2nd opinion I sent pictures, and he said you only need 1000 graphs. He said he couldn’t see how I’d need 2000 in my frontal there’s not enough room. I read his reviews, and I can tell you he is a diamond in the rough. Your safe with him and his staff and their prices are better than your big-name cattle clinics. Thanks Dr Sierra, Shim and Margo You were worth that long Drive!



Dr Sierra is a Perfectionist, with really calming bedside manner. My results are impeccable. Procedure was painless and the day flew by so quickly. Most of the time I was either sleeping or watching Netflix. I didn’t have any pain the week after either. The doctor and staff guided me every step of the way before, during, and after my procedure. Dr Sierra even gave me his cell phone number in case I needed to get in touch (it was comforting to have it but actually I didn’t need to use it because post op was a breeze) . My results took about 6 months to show as I was told to expect, and I feel and look so good. Overall I am less anxious, MORE confident, and no more comb over!! If you’re thinking about it, go here and you will be so happy!



Sierra Robotic Hair restoration is the place to be if you are looking for the desired outcome. Their level of patient care is second to none. Without a doubt, I would recommend their care, and amazing facility to all.



Procedure itself was seamless and comfortable, even more so by the kind and helpful staff. As long as directions pre and post procedure are followed, all should be quite smoothly. Requested to not shave area receiving the transplant as I have long hair and they were able to accommodate that quite smoothly as well. Recovery time was quite smooth and only ever experienced one day of worse-than-normal post surgery pain about 5 days after, which was completely gone a day after with the help of pain medication. Currently one month after the procedure took place and everything has transpired just as the Doctor explained. Will report back a year later with further insight and hopefully a much thicker head of hair!



You are in the best hands! Because of my hair transplant, I now have an ABUNDANCE OF MY OWN NATURAL HAIR. I threw my extensions out, and it was the most exhilarating feeling! Now I keep running my hands through my hair because it feels SO good!!! Thank uouuuu, I recommend everyone to you! About my research (yes I did ALOT of research ), I had been been wanting to have a transplant for a while, I had went to a bunch of different hair doctors for a consult, but didn’t feel like I met the right fit until my consult at Sierra Robotic Hair Institute. The doctor’s knowledge, reputation, and calm demeanor felt right and the office staff was super sweet and helpful. As far as the transplant itself, I didn’t have any pain or any issues during the procedure. I slept most of it, and at the end I watched a Netflix movie while the hairs were being placed! My post op care was painless too. I was back to my usual life in a jiffy. Within 6 months as expected, my hairs came in, and by month 12, I had the volumous hair I was previously dreaming of. I tell everyone about you, best thing I have done for myself !



Dr. Sierra and his entire staff are overwhelmingly supportive and extremely knowledgeable about what they do. They make you feel like family and I can’t thank them enough for that.



From the initial consultation sessions (I had 2 in person and 2 phone consultations and they were willing to accommodate me) until post procedure I had a great experience. The front office personnel were fantastic and always accommodating from day 1. I consulted with 5 different Doctors before I made my selection – yes, I’m very choosy. Dr. Sierra is a genius in my opinion. His vast knowledge, experience and self confidence were key points in my selection of Sierra Robotics. I highly recommend Sierra Robotic Hair for people who value excellence. I do plan to put another review in 4-6 months on my progress. So far, I know I made the right choice in selecting Sierra Robotics.



Two years ago, I underwent a life-changing robotic hair transplant at Sierra Robotic Hair Institute, surpassing all my expectations. Dr. Sierra and his team provided exceptional care, making the entire process seamless and comfortable. From the initial consultation to the post-operative follow-up, their expertise and compassion were evident. Dr. Sierra and his team made me feel at ease from the start, taking the time to explain the robotic hair transplant procedure and address my concerns. The state-of-the-art technology used during the surgery ensured remarkable precision and a natural-looking hairline. Dr. Sierra’s skill and expertise made the experience virtually pain-free. What I think truly sets Sierra Robotic Hair Institute apart is their commitment to ongoing care. They provided comprehensive post-operative support, ensuring a smooth recovery. The results have been nothing short of life-changing, enhancing my appearance and boosting my confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Sierra Robotic Hair Institute to anyone seeking a remarkable solution for hair loss. Dr. Sierra and his team’s exceptional work and personalized approach create an unforgettable experience. Thank you, Sierra Robotic Hair Institute, for the extraordinary transformation!



The ABSOLUTE BEST hair restoration doctors in Fort Lauderdale! A huge thank you to your entire awesome staff! I am telling everyone about u because I am so satisfied with my results. I can’t wait to show you during my follow up.



Service, results, pricing, cleanliness, and staff are 5 star. They are the best in south Florida compared to all the others I got a consult with . They know what they are doing, and do it well! Procedure was painless.



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