Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction, or simply FUE, is one of the two basic techniques for getting healthy hair follicles, which exist naturally in our scalp, for hair transplants. The other technique known as strip harvesting is also a hair restoration technique that involves the use of scalp micro-trichology tools to harvest individual hairs at a time. FUE is often preferred because it is less painful than the other technique. Another advantage of FUE is that the hair follicles are not destroyed in the process.

The three-step procedure of FUE is very simple. First, a numbing agent such as lidocaine is injected into the area. This numbing agent helps to block pain and discomfort. A piece of sterile skin is then placed on the injected area. Next, a needle containing the follicular unit extractor is inserted into the skin and FUE is then done.


One of the advantages of FUE compared to other methods is that there is no need for a scalpel or other instruments to achieve successful hair transplantation with follicular unit extraction. The FUE technician uses a special pair of scissors to cut a hole in the dermal layer of the skin so that he or she can reach out and collect one follicular unit at a time. The technician carefully places each follicle in a new spot on the scalp before closing the incision with the help of another sterilized needle.

FUE also works very quickly. The harvested follicular units can be transferred to the clinic and ready for transplanting in a matter of hours. Unlike other hair transplant procedures, FUE can provide an unlimited number of transplants. Hair harvesting with FUE procedure is more efficient and can produce higher quality hair units compared to other methods.


Once the follicular units are harvested, the surgeon cleans and then covers them with a bandage. After that, the areas are prepped for the next step-the FUE procedure itself. A small hole is first created in the skin by the technician using sterile equipment. Next, the technician places the FUE kit inside the hole and then injects the tiny pieces of dermis into the scalp. This action allows the tiny hairs to hook themselves to the dermis.

On average, it takes one treatment to obtain two to three days of new hair growth. In order to estimate the success rate, you need to calculate the time from the first treatment to the date of the last treatment. The FUE hair transplant procedure can be done in under an hour, depending on the experience of the surgeon. One thing that you should consider though: it needs a lot of practice. It might take a lot of sessions to achieve the desired result, but in the end it will worth the wait.